Beining Wu's Homepage

Department of Statistics and Finance, SOM, University of Science and Technology of China.

Taken in Huangshan, Feb. 2022

Welcome to my homepage! My name is Beining Wu (吴贝宁). Now I’m a junior undergraduate from the School of Management, University of Science and Technology of China. I’m pursuing a B.S. degree in statistics.

My recent resarch interests contain high dimensional statistical inference with applications to machine learning problem, network analysis and reinforcement learning theory.

Curruntly, I’m doing an undergraduate research program under the supervision of Prof. Weiping Zhang from USTC. We are paying attention to the eimpirical process and its applications to statistical machine learning.

I’ll apply for statistics or eecs Ph.D. programs in fall 2023.

The page is still under construction. Feel free to look around.

My hometown sits near 30°N, 120°E.

Recent News

Feb 5, 2022 My friend Ziyue Qiu has received multiple offers from top CS Ph.D. programs, a grand slam. She is the absolute winner this application season. Congratulations, Ziyue!
Feb 3, 2022 Nature Education Technologies Ltd. is recruting competitive people! Applicants should be very competitive. Send your CV to for the working oppoturnities!
Feb 1, 2022 My friend Xiaolong Luo has been admittied to the Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. program in Harvard SEAS. Congratulations, Xiaolong!
Feb 1, 2022 A Omicron Covid outbreak took place in my hometown Fuyang, Hangzhou. The city has been sealed off. Hope all went well.